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In the U.S., the I-Codes require handrail placed between 34 and 38 inches. Install the balusters, minding the 4’’ sphere rule. A clearspace between a handrail & an adjacent wall or other obstruction must not be less than 50mm. A clearspace of 600mm is also required above the top of the handrail.
  • A summary of Decision 1301 of the BC Building Code Appeal Board
  • _____ Graspable handrails at 34”-38” ht. req’d on stairs with >3 risers (311.7.8) Guardrails (deck) 36 _____ 36” high min. when deck is > 30” above grade or surface (312.1) _____ Insect screening shall not be considered as a guard (312.1.1) _____ Shall not allow passage of a 4” diameter sphere (312.1.3)
  • (j) have smooth, reachable and graspable handrails to provide support and to assist with movement along a stair or ladder. D1.3.3 Access routes shall: (j) shall not apply to isolated steps. (k) have handrails of adequate strength and rigidity as required by Clause B1 Structure,
The International Residential Code Commentary offers these observations concerning stair handrails: "One of the best means of creating safer stairs and assisting stairway users is to provide a graspable handrail, which can be used for support and guidance as people travel from one level to the next or to assist in arresting a fall should they slip while they are on the stairs.

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Residential Handrail Code Requirements For Stairs When it comes to handrails the code is very specific on this. It should provide proper graspability which the code recognizes a Type I and Type II handrail to have.Mar 18, 2016 · Thus, deck rails may be too short (the code requires they be 36″ high). Or the balusters on the railings may be too far apart (the code limits the space to less than 4″). Or the handrail on your stairs may not be “graspable” (the code explains handrail requirements in ten tortured paragraphs 2. None of these violations impact the strength of a deck or its ability to remain upright. Yagami yato dabi

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Aug 14, 2016 · The company that makes the fence panels (US door and fence) makes some adjustable angle units, but only in 5′ height. The aluminum adjustable angle railing sections we ordered are much more expensive ($200 each), but they include a graspable handrail, also required by code, and so those units take care of a lot of requirements in one unit. Focused exam chest pain brian foster

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